"David Williams works magic--" 
Newsweek  Magazine


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“Williams works magic. . . . he describes commonplace events with uncommon grace.”
Newsweek magazine

“David Williams hits you like high beams from a big rig. . . . the record [Route 66] is about more than an old road.”
The Chicago Sun Times

“David Williams’ songs teach as well as entertain.”

The Chicago Tribune

“There are few artists, as performer and writer, who can synthesize the core elements of a specific influence and make it their own. In college, that was a skill we were encouraged to develop. David Williams does it with ease on Django Jazz — a collection of songs centered around the style and writing of Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli, that extends itself into the trad sounds of Billie Mayhew, Fats Waller and others. David’s quartet not only understands the core imagery and emotionalism that exists in the songs, they infuse a modernity that doesn’t sound like just plain stylizing for the sake of style. It simply sounds real — whether covering a classic, or performing an original. One of my favorite and most aired releases from 2007 on The Colorado Sound.”
Chris ‘goat’ K. – Host of the Colorado Sound on KRFC,

88.9FM, 5PM-7PM (mountain) Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

“Route 66 is a musical journey from Chicago to the Ozarks, down the fabled highway David Williams traveled as a child. His songs are full of interesting characters, in settings ranging from roadside diners to the crowded streets of Chicago to a barren farm in the middle of nowhere, all connected by this trail of tarmac. It’s a mix of styles: blues, folk, rockabilly, all complemented by Williams’ warm, rich vocals. A highlight is “Flood Water,” whose bitter, scathing lyrics are sung to, of all things, an old timey country tune. This is a Midwestern anthem. Crank down the windows and take a ride.”
Dirty Linen

“It’s as though Williams has peeled off a chunk of worn asphalt from the “old road” like it was a genuine slice of life, and treated it with the loving attention of a museum curator in order to preserve it for as long as possible.”
Jefferson County Journal—Tennessee.

“His songwriting has that same, wonderful sense of the bizarre [as Gorka]. Like Gorka, he even writes great songs about cows and pigs. This is the definitive animal song tape. . . this tape is a gem!”
Dirty Linen

“I’ve seen a lot of singer-songwriters pass through over the years; most of them quickly forgotten. But every once in awhile, someone rises up with a real talent for lyrics, and such a talent is David Williams.”
Come For To Sing

“You will be knocked out by Williams. . . reminiscent of Ry Cooder and Leon Redbone. A totally terrific collection . . . .”
The Chicago Sun Times

“We’re In The Mood For This!”

Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland (after playing Chocolate). 2011

“Lovely—well wortch a listen.” – Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales. 2011