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songwriter, writer, gypsy jazz and blues instrumentalist

Emmy winning songwriter (blues, americana, swing, manouche jazz,



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Williams works magic."  Newsweek   
"Williams' songs teach as well as entertain." Chicago Tribune

"Nashville resident, outstanding poet and gifted singer/songwriter Williams is genius.  Each [of his] song is pristine and magical as it brings you in . . . ."  Nashville Music Guide

"When first listening to David Williams, one is taken back to the classic jazz musicians and their characteristics of being strong vocalists. Featured on the track is a mix of sultry jazz and a reflecting lyrical rant. With the strumming of the guitar and the light variety of other instruments in the background, Williams pays homage to the traditional gypsy jazz while making it into something completely his own."  The Music Court

“You will be knocked out by Williams. . . reminiscent of Ry Cooder and Leon Redbone--terrific.”
The Chicago Sun Times

“I’ve seen a lot of singer-songwriters pass through over the years; most of them quickly forgotten. But every once in awhile, someone rises up with a real talent for lyrics, and such a talent is David Williams.”
Come For To Sing

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